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Garage Door Torsion Spring

A trained pro should always service your garage door torsion spring in Pasadena, TX. Our techs are highly trained and experienced with all types of springs. We know how to work on these springs efficiently, but safely. The torsion spring could snap back during service and cause injury. Our specialists are careful and attentive. We have serviced many of these parts over the years. We promise to provide the best care for your torsion and extension springs.

Torsion Spring Adjustment or Repair

Garage Door Torsion Spring Pasadena

Our techs are more likely to provide a torsion spring adjustment than a repair. Broken springs are typically beyond fixing. We can provide coil lubrication or replace bearings, plates, brackets or the shaft. However, if the spring itself is broken then replacement is the only option. It is important to call Garage Door Repair Pasadena as soon as you notice any problem with your springs. If we get there early enough; a simple adjustment may be all you need.

Reliable Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

We are pleased to offer reliable garage door torsion spring replacement service. We make sure our service vehicles are adequately stocked with a variety of extension and torsion springs. Our techs will know exactly which size and type are best for your garage. Although we can replace these parts quickly; quality remains our top priority.

You can identify your spring type by its location. The torsion type will be located above the door. The Extension type will be found on each side of the door. At your request, we can install a safety cable around the extension type to prevent possible accidents. Always turn to our pros for extension or torsion spring replacement.

You may be one of those people that like to perform various tasks on your own. We encourage you to reconsider when it comes to working with these springs. Let one of our trained experts administer your Pasadena garage door torsion spring service.

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